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February 7, 2008 -- Filmmaker Ann Coppel Helps Us Find Her Inner Self 

Ann Coppel’s short and sweet mock-doc manages to be both a tribute to and a skewering of the idea of getting in touch with your inner self. One day, Ann is walking with some friends. Then, suddenly, she’s on top of a rock yelling, “I AM ANN!” at the top of her lungs. And thus begins a New Age self-help movement that sweeps the nation. Very funny, but also quite generous in its depiction of a world looking for salvation, Coppel’s film is something of a paradox. By poking gentle fun at the idea of inner-self empowerment (even if that inner self happens to be someone else’s), it also manages to convey just how valuable said empowerment might be. —Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine 
1/25/08 -- I AM ANN included in fabulous compilation DVD with 20 other Seattle Women Filmmakers, released by 911 Media Arts
"I AM ANN" WINS AWARD FOR BEST COMEDY at the Dam Short Film Festival, Boulder City, Nevada (February 2007)

May 20, 2006 - New York Short Short Film Festival
It was not at all difficult for our judges to pick your film, It was nearly unanimous. Here is a quote from NY filmmaker and head judge Robert Albrecht, "Just reading "I AM ANN" on all 12 ballots created a feeling of ease and released all the tension in my chest. These days life is just a lot easier. Thank you Ann."

East Lansing Film Festival Loves I AM ANN
March 30, 2006 - East Lansing Film Festival
I AM ANN comes in 2nd as Audience Choice Best Short Film shown before a Feature.
March 25, 2006 - “Lansing State Journal -What’s On”, Lansing, MI
This sly little mockumentary looks at the “latest” self-help craze. The “experts” deliver their lines with great solemnity and conviction – so much, in fact, that at first you might believe it’s real. (Robin Swartz)

Chicago Free Press writer Hank Sartin writes:
May 12,  2005 - Reeling's Short Shorts Festival
"Also very amusing is Ann Coppel's quick jab at inspirational self-help movements, "I Am Ann," which chronicles the growth of a movement around shouting the supposedly energizing phrase "I am Ann." Coppel knows just how long to sustain this joke and hits all the right notes."
Rochester NY News clipping:
"The shorts of a new generation"
November 2004
Shorts curator Karen Van Meenan has compiled an eclectic mix of work that highlights a new and deserving generation of filmmakers. Some of the standouts include...I Am Ann, by Ann Coppel, is an amusing tongue-in-cheek mockumentary about spirituality trends.


May 2004, Tablet Magazine, Seatttle, WA FLYS IN THE HOOD TEN SEATTLE FILM MAKERS TAKE THE ULTIMATE SIFF CHALLENGE. This brief article references my Fly Film I AM ANN

Flying Geese

Scientists now realize that ANN is everywhere in nature. Look at the uplifted wings...imagine the vibration! 


Ann Coppel's short film
screens at the
 15 Short Film Festival
Sunday September 16, 2007
7 PM
at the Evening Muse
Charlotte, NC

15 Short Film Festival