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Dear I AM ANN Foundation--At last! Someone who understands what the world needs. Thank you. I will send my jpeg and testamonial soon -- with gratitude, GS

"I Am Ann" was such a treat...and now of course as a bona fide ANN I feel utterly empowered--Ann H

Ann, (no e), I was a little tired this morning, so you know what I did? Thank you for the boost and your dry wit, and always, your creativity.--VB

You were wonderful. I enjoyed every minute. Thank you Ann for "I Am Ann", I said it twice today and can feel the power. -- SB

Thank you for including me in this august group.  I’ve been ‘I am Anning’ ever since.--AL

And since my middle name is "Ann," the door has been open to new possibilities hidden in Ruth Ann (no 'e'), a name I've hardly been called since I was 10. Just goes to show how much a short film can do!--RF

This morning, I did it... I climbed up on the bench at the bus stop.  And, in the rain over looking 108th Ave NE, I raised my arms and shouted "I am Ann".  It was amazing.  It felt more refreshing than a good pooh.   GC

Since watching 'I am Ann', I realised the power of such an ordinary sentence and have felt compelled to find a big rock to stand on and open my arms and shout 'I am Ann' to find the power within. My psychiatrist agreed with my compulsive actions and said that I must show my gratitude to those who have shown me the light!  TM

Dear Ann,
     Thank you for allowing me to participate in your documentary on Seattle.  Last week at the Mercer Island Women's Club potluck dinner, I was able to show the film to the group of 25 women.  All the ladies were excited and I am happy to report that the movement is alive and well and continuing to grow.  We believe in you, ANN.


I was thinking about this just the other day. About how, like so many other haman potential movements, this one has been cannibalized and turned into gross commercial ventures by neo-ESTian capitalist gurus.

For example, the “I BE Ann” organization that’s gaining such power among people of color as a self-empowerment scam that pumps up the self-esteem of those less fortunate and then turns them into a sales force for “da man.” By adding a hip-hop rhythm to the I AM Ann culture and bling-blinging it up, it turns such an organic and beautiful thing into just another spiritual fad. And to think that even Time Magazine was fooled into including this cult in it’s bi-annual report on spirituality in America.

And the conservative fundamentalist money-machines using the mantrum “I WAS Ann” as part of their Easter service. The Christian mystics who look at the name Marianne and break it down into Marry Ann and then further into Ann Married Mary and that the “Ann” presence is the divine feminine Christ in Jesus, born of an immaculate lesbian relationship. And that as Jesus rises again, his “inner Ann” is represented in the spirit of the Easter Eggs. My God, this stuff gets so convoluted from the simple I Am Ann way!

It must be very hard for you to have to put up with all this craziness from both the Shamans and the shamed. My heart goes out to you on your journey of spirit.

On Wisconsin! Praise Cheeses.


Dear Ann -
Thank you for sharing your film with our annual High Holiday group - you have converted both women and men to Ann-ism... this morning I woke up... rolled over, hit the snooze button 10 times.. but when I finally staggered out of bed, I realized... "hey no matter how tired I am today... I AM ANN!" and with that I jumped out of bed and went on my merry way.
As you now know... the Congregation Lance Armstrong chapter of I AM ANN will be holding our annual conference in Northridge, California following both Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services and we would be HONORED to have you as a lifetime guest...
I know this is wrong for me to speak for the group - but I think it's easy to surmise, we LOVE ANN!
E. "Ann" L. - unofficial chapter president

Just wanted you to know that last night we presented a secular teacher workshop for 90 teachers and at the end, when we were citing good resources, I got up on a chair and did "I Am Ann". They saw the color in my face, they saw the enthusaism in my voice, they saw the miracle of Anne-ness that I am, and then they all got up and did it with me. We wrote your website on the board and told them all to check it out for the benefit of their health and well-being. It was grand:).

Love, me

Ann-Thank you for your involvement with Kaspar's Kouch Film Festival.  Your short was one of the most talked about and joked about for days after the festival.  I have a friend named Anne (silent 'e' type) who keeps announcing herself with the I Am Ann phrase.  Even though [you] didn't make the screening, I got up after the short and led them in a communal 'I Am Ann'.  Very fun. -KK

Dear I am Anners,

My life is deeply enriched by my ann practice. When I say enriched, I mean as in cash...see, here I AM (ann) in Hawaii!  [see photo on Photos Page]

Ann acolite


For Immediate Release:   I AM ANN
Office for the Advancement of Transitioning Filmworkers (ATF)
Department of Homeland Desk Jobs (DHDJ)
Secretary of the Career Change Network (SCN)
Effectively today, reports from CNN (Center for National Namechanges) stand that Lisa Jackson, formerly known as Lisa Jackson, is now calling herself ANN. She prefers using all capital letters upon instituting this new identity citing "new found strength and mission" (NFSM) in adopting this familiar and endearing namesake. Undisclosed sources reveal that ANN considered using Lisa-Ann or Lis-ann or liann but decided that ANN was clearly the best choice for such a mid-life move. The AP reports that widespread copy-cat measures have been implemented internationally and that compounded mitigation measures have been initiated globally to reduce identity confusion triggered by this compelling personal shift seeded in Snohomish, Washington. Further sources confirm the widespread renouncement of birthnames from residents all across the world. Current counts cited by the CANC (Center for Ann Name Changes) state at least 78% of the major metropolitan areas in Chicago and 98% of the Dallas, Minneapolis and New York voting populations have legally changed their names to date.  Sources at the IAICP (International Association of Identity Change Promotion) simultaneously report the same findings from initial surveys across most of continental Europe, Russia and Africa. The Office of Statistical Measurements (OSM) recounted preliminary tallies at the request of the GNRA (Global Namesake Renaming Association) and confirmed its initial reports today.

I am Ann!

I am not Dan, I am not Stan, I am no MAN!

No, no, no!

I am Ann!

I am not Fran, I am not Nan, I am not Zann, I am not Jan, No, no, no!

I am Ann, I am Ann, I am Ann!

There is no Ban

On Ann

Here in Can, Can, Canada.

No, no, no.

Here in Van,

(Best city in Can)

Each one of us is a Fan

(Some of us even doing the can-can)

In celebration of Ann!

I am Ann!

I am not Dan, I am not Stan, I am no MAN!

No, no, no!

I am Ann


The Kabbalistic Teaching:

(there was something much more interesting here, but it escapes me, as do some other verses of the "to be added to" song above)

In the land of Assiyah:

I DO Ann.

In the land of Yetzirah:


In the land of Beriyah:


But, but, but.....

In the land of Atzitlut:



Then of course there's the song.... sung to you KNOW what tune:

If I were a rich Ann,

daidle, deedle, deedle, daidle, deedle deedle dum All day long I'd biddy biddy bum If I were a wealthy ANN.

I wouldn't have to work hard....

---courtesy of TL


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